Scientific and technical support and laboratory quality control of construction
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Scientific and technical support and laboratory quality control of construction

Within the integrated scientific and technical support of construction and quality control of construction and installation works, we perform the following types of works:
  • quality control of construction and installation works pursuant to the procedure, as provided in the operating control patterns;
  • verification of compliance of the incoming construction materials, structures and articles with the standards, specifications and certificates;
  • preparation of the certificates of compliance or incompliance of the incoming construction materials with the requirements of GOST, Technical Specifications;
  • development of flow charts, procedures, method statements and corporate standards and tying them to a specific facility, introduction of modifications and reconciliation with project designers;
  • determination of physical and mechanical properties of local construction materials;
  • selection of the composition of concrete, grout, compounds, etc; issue of permits to use, their dosage and preparation control;
  • control over compliance with the rules of transportation, handling and storage of construction materials, structures and articles;
  • control over compliance with routine breaks and temperature and humidity conditions in the process of construction and installation works;
  • sampling of soil, concrete and mortar mixes, sample preparation and testing;
  • control and testing of weld joints;
  • determination of concrete strength development in structures and units by non-destructive methods;
  • control of the condition of soil in foundations (frost penetration, defrosting);
  • participation in resolution of the issue on stripping of concrete and time оf loading of the completed structures and units;
  • participation in the quality assessment of construction and installation works, and their acceptance from the performers (teams, shifts).
Currently, KTB RC JSC construction laboratory is a is a mobile, up-to-date laboratory complex able to solve numerous issues related to quality control of construction materials, chemical additives, selection of concrete mixes of all types and purposes. We perform mechanical tests of concrete samples, metal samples, metal structures and reinforcement steel, and identify their chemical composition.

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