Designing and non-state examination of project documentation
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Designing and non-state examination of project documentation

Integrated design of buildings and structures of any complexity is a fundamental area of activities for our organization. Design engineering includes the following types of works:

Integrated support of construction design:
  • Iexpert review of design solutions for load-bearing and enclosing structures, and solutions for internal and external utilities;
  • calculation of strength, stability, load-bearing ability (including calculation for progressive collapse), deformability, including seismic impact with the analysis of stress strain behavior, for buildings and structures;
  • calculation with respect to sheet pile walls, diaphragm walls, bulkhead walls, etc.
  • calculations for internal utilities (calculation of loads with respect to utilities of the building, performance of hydraulic calculations, calculation of the building heat-loss factor, generation of air exchange charts, calculation of the number of the required instruments and equipment, etc.).
Design at various stages:
  • integrated design of residential, public and industrial buildings, structures and complexes at all stages, including unique facilities. Works are performed both for Design Documentation stage (in accordance with PPRF No. 87), with expert review, and for Detailed Documentation stage;
  • performance of individual sections for utilities (internal and external);
  • development of the architectural concept;
  • performance of special sections of the design documentation in accordance with PPRF No. 87 Environment Protection, Energy Efficiency, Civil Defense and Emergency Situations, Fire Safety Measures, etc.);
  • calculation of the building heat-loss factor, generation of energy performance certificates;
  • development of structural reinforcement, building overhaul, reconstruction and replanning projects; generation of Construction Arrangement Design and Method Statement;
  • generation and expert review of cost estimates;
  • approval of the design and estimate documentation in a due manner.

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