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Designing of buildings and constructions

  • Многофункциональный комплекс ул. Ходынская, Москва, АО «КТБ ЖБ» проводила аудит рабочей документации Аудит рабочей документации
    Многофункциональный комплекс в Москве, на ул. Ходынская
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    Храмовый комплекс на Москве-реке
  • Корпуса административно-торгового комплекса Миракс-Плаза, проектированием занималось АО «КТБ ЖБ» Проектирование зданий и сооружений
    Административно-торговый комплекс Mirax Plaza

The engineering of construction objects is the initial stage of construction. The quality of the project will depend on the quality of the entire construction. Therefore, the construction design of buildings and structures should be left to trained professionals.

Designing of buildings and constructions of JSC “KTB RC”

The company JSC “KTB RC” has a half-century of experience in this field, which allows her to develop projects of construction of objects of any complexity.

Designing of objects of construction also involves the construction engineering, requiring specific knowledge and skills, as well as individual and thorough approach to each specific project.

Order servicel Designing of buildings and structures is possible at us on site, filling in the application form, or by calling +7 (495) 286-70-01.

After receipt of the order, the contract with the Customer. In accordance with the terms of the contract, our specialists carried out pre-design preparation, project development and construction of the facility, including all necessary coordination with stakeholders and Customer.

Examples of completed projects

The stages of pre-design work...

Preparation design includes several stages of pre-design work:

  • the visits to the object, for the purpose of collection and analysis of missing source data, including the results of technical surveys and studies;
  • perform control measurements;
  • collection of the loads on engineering networks;
  • approval of project proposal to owner, Customer and other bodies (as appropriate) in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • development of the design assignment;
  • and other work.

Based on the materials of the specialists of JSC “KTB RC” will set the project's author and the year of its development, building constructive scheme, information about applied designs, the time of the erection of the building, the size of the building and its elements, determine the design scheme, the design load, the design strength characteristics of the material deviations from the project, the nature of external influences on design, manifested in the operation of the defects and damage, etc.

The data obtained in the engineering and survey work, further used for the development of the project.

Stages of development of the project of construction of the object

Depending on the requirements specified in technical documentation, designing is carried out in several stages:

  • feasibility of the chosen solutions, which gives an idea about the feasibility of construction of the object;
  • preparation of preliminary design and its approval;
  • project preparation, under which is received a construction permit;
  • preparation of working project, which includes sections of the project according to Government estimates and a number of documents regulating construction and installation works and giving an opportunity to the contractor to monitor their implementation.

Support construction design

The company JSC “KTB RC” provides Customers with this service, as an accompaniment of structural design, which includes the following types of support:

  • legal (to prepare the necessary project documentation);
  • geodesic (for the preparation of the project and construction site);
  • environmental (compliance is required, primarily in the construction of industrial objects);
  • technical (to track the progress of construction, and adjustments of the project in accordance with the changed conditions).

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