Certification, including a full range of laboratory tests

Availability of a certificate of compliance with the applicable requirements executed by a certification organization with a positive image, and issued to the provider of products and services (works), facilitates an increase in the competitive ability of the organization’s products and services and gives numerous advantages in:
KTBstroysertifikatsiya certification body, which is a member of KTB group of companies, is accredited to conduct an assessment of compliance in Mosstroysertifikatsiya and Eurasian Quality system without engagement of third-party organizations, and provide a full range of services for certification and certification testing of the following:
KTBstroysertifikatsiya certification body strictly complies with the fundamental certification principals:
The major objectives of KTBstroysertifikatsiya certification body are as follows:
All products certified with the certification body must pass all the required tests with the use of a modern test base and best practices. In addition, certification of products and works accounts for availability of a hygiene certificate and fire safety certificate.